Welcome to Di Fatta's magic world!

Vincenzo Di Fatta SRL is a producer and distributor of magic tricks and apparatus made of all kinds of different materials: silk, brass, sponge items, powerful magnets and plastic items. We also distribute magic books, DVD’s, Tenyo products, and many other fabulous tricks. This website is dedicated to dealers and distributors that would like to buy quality wholesale magic at very competitive prices.

Latest New Items

  • Appearing Candle by JL White
  • Appearing Candle by JL Red
  • Vanishing Candel by JL White
  • Vanishing Candel by JL Red
  • Children Deck by JL
  • Drawing Scratch Deck by JL
  • Appearing Cane by JL Silver
  • Appearing Cane by Jl White
  • Appearing Cane by Jl Yellow
  • Appearing Cane by Jl Black
  • Appearing Cane by Jl Red
  • Appearing Cane by Jl Green
  • Vanishing Cane by JL Silver
  • Vanishing Cane by JL White
  • Vanishing Cane by JL Yellow
  • Vanishing Cane by JL Black
  • Vanishing Cane by JL Red
  • Vanishing Cane by JL Green
  • Manipulation Card Yu Ho Jin by JL - Color
  • Manipulation Card Yu Ho Jin by JL
  • Multiplying balls Lukas by JL - 1.7” White
  • Multiplying balls Lukas by JL - 2” White
  • Multiplying balls Lukas by JL - 2” Red
  • Multiplying balls Lukas by JL - 1.7” Pink
  • Zombie Ball by JL - H.S Locking
  • Perfect Silk to Ball by JL - With cover White
  • Puzzle Deck by JL
  • Streamers by JL Rainbow
  • Streamers by JL Silver

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