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Clone by JC Rodarte

With CLONE, you uncover the technology to create a perfect duplication of anyone's signature for the most convincing transpositions, vanishes & restorations in magic.

Used to floor Penn... Read More
Entry date:
Mar 2, 2018
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DP II - The Return of the Dollarpunch
Code: DPII
About fifty years ago Steve Dusheck invented the effect "Dollar Punch" and sold it with great success. Unfortunately the trick was discontinued many years ago. Now you have the chance to get your hands on the next generation Dollar Punch,... Read More
Entry date:
May 2, 2018
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Eliminator Plus by Astor
Code: ELIM
This is a gambling effect where the spectators have the chance to win a banknote, with no financial risk.
There are two envelopes, one red and one black. In one of these envelopes is a banknote. From a shuffled deck the spectators eliminate cards... Read More
Entry date:
May 30, 2019
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Heal by Ninh
Code: HEAL
The healing effects always surprise the audience in any situation. 
You let the spectator pick a random card (or you could borrow a dollar bill from him). And then you tear the card but dont detach them. 
Needs only a snap,... Read More
Entry date:
Jan 25, 2017
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Longitudinal Axis Penetration
Code: LONG
Two banknotes are slipped inside a plastic panel. The panel has a slit at its center. A credit card is pushed through the slit magically and visibly penetrating both banknotes in their exact center!
Here for you us another ingenious... Read More
Entry date:
Mar 30, 2017
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Money Money by Juan Pablo
May you change this one dollar bill into a one hundred?...  Sure we all have often heared this!
To change the value of the bills is an often request of the spectators. Perhaps that´s why Patrick Page created, time ago, the first... Read More
Entry date:
Apr 12, 2016
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Origami Wallet
Two banknotes are layed, in a cross position, inside a small wallet. Then, they are clearly pierced in their center by a credit card. When the wallet is opened however, they are seen to be completely unharmed!
- You can... Read More
Entry date:
Nov 17, 2017
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Platinum Bill in Lemon by Dominik
Code: PLAT
The Di Fatta company is proud to present this fantastic effect, exclusively distributed worldwide by us.
The magician borrows a banknote and asks a spectator to sign it. He folds it and puts it underneath a hanky that is then given to the spectator... Read More
Entry date:
Jul 12, 2016
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Risky Business
Show your spectators a 50 euro banknote, and put it inside a wallet. Zip the wallet closed, and lock the zipper with a padlock. Now shuffle the key that opens the padlock with other seven similar keys that do not open it. Invite seven spectators to... Read More
Entry date:
May 30, 2013
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Tenyo - Money shock
Instantly transform five sheets of blank paper into five bills of legitimate currency!
This dream-like effect is guaranteed to make audiences laugh out in surprise.
Without a doubt, this masterpiece of magic garners a marvelous reaction... Read More
Entry date:
Dec 10, 2013
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Tenyo - Print Impress
The printing press of your dreams!
Rub a blank sheet of paper, and instantly transform it into a genuine currency note! With the enclosed prop, you can apparently print money without any effort at all. Yes, the money at the end... Read More
Entry date:
Nov 9, 2018
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Tenyo - Psychic money
The magician balances a bill on top of a pencil tip. When the spectator say, "Turn!" the bill begins to rotate round and around, even though the magician is not touching the bill.
You have complete control over the bill and can make... Read More
Entry date:
Nov 25, 2011
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Tora Dream Book
The magician shows the front and the back of a book. The title promises: "How to make money online!”
He opens the book and flips through it showing printed writing on each page.
The magician makes a magic gesture and shows again... Read More
Entry date:
Feb 21, 2019
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