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Sherlock'Oin by Thomas Riboulet & Anthony Stan
From the minds of Thomas Riboulet and Anthony Stan, all the way from France.

Sherlock'oin is an effect of pure magic! This is one of the most direct and clean methods of sending an object to an "impossible" place.
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Entry date: May 21, 2019
Delicious Change by Jhony Zam
Audiences love magic where one object VISUALLY CHANGES into another. 

With Delicious Change, you can transform a small pack of gum into a LARGE chocolate bar RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES! 

This extreme visual change... Read More
Entry date: May 21, 2019
Melting Key
The magician shows a new key that has no “teeth” as it has not yet been cut. He starts to rub the it, and right in front of the spectators eyes, magically cuts the teeth into the key, that can then be immediately handed out for examination. Read More
Entry date: May 23, 2019
Tora Secret Night Lamp
The magician shows an ordinary night lamp to the spectators and magically a moment later he transforms - visually - the lamp into a beautiful flower vase!

• Tora Magic quality.
• Everything is constructed with extreme care.Read More
Entry date: May 23, 2019
Tora Smart Glassy Cube 4 Times
Some magical transformations take place in this trick. Firstly show a big black dice and a regular silk to the audience, then touch the dice with the silk and the dice changes to a crystal cube full of balls (or a soft toy or something of your choice).Read More
Entry date: Jun 11, 2019
3-D Birthday Card Surprise
The magician shows a frame from which he takes out  a large card with the black  and white picture of a birthday cake on it.
He shows it on both sides and then slips it back into the frame. After a magical gesture, he slowly pulls ... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Crystal Thought Condenser
A card is chosen and returned to the deck. The magician shows a small Plexiglas cube, which the spectators see to be completely transparent. He gives it a shake and magically the image of the chosen card will appear in it.

At the end, the... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Devil's Hook
Show the "Devil's Hook" and take off your belt, or borrow one from a spectator.
Put it on the Devil's Hook and place it on the tip of a finger: magically everything will remain perfectly balanced before the amazed  eyes of... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Incredible Die Transformation
The performer shows a wooden box that has a hole in both its base and its lid. Through the holes everybody can see that it is completely empty.
Now, the performer also shows all the faces of a die and puts it into the box. He closes it with the... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Flash Cocktail Glass
The magician shows two transparent glasses to be clearly empty. He turns one upside down and places it on the other like a shaker.
Then, he makes a magical gesture, shakes the "shaker" and a red cocktail magically appears within the glasses,... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Flying Cube
The magician shows an elegant box, closed at the front with a panel. Once removed, everybody can see that inside there is a colorful cube with a magic wand going through it from side to side.
The magician removes the wand and slips off the cube.... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Appearing Steel Cane Jumbo - 6 Feet
A classic of magic in a jumbo version!

Show a large silk (or various smaller silks or ribbons) and, in the blink of an eye, turn it into an elegant 180 cm long cane!
Or simply make the cane appear from thin air for an unforgettable... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Linking Key Puzzle
Here is a metal puzzle, that will tickle your minds.
Have fun unlinking and then linking again the two keys and challenge your friends to do the same!

• No instructions are supplied.
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Massal Tube
The magician shows a tube and unrolls it. The tube is made of a transparent plastic sheet and the spectators can clearly see through it.
Now, the performer rolls the sheet back into a tube. A magical gesture and from inside he produces many silks!Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Drawer Box - Net
Make anything you wish appear from this fantastic box!
Open the draw and show it empty. Close it, reopen it and ... it will be full of sweets, silks, sponge balls or other items!

Different than many other drawer boxes for two reasons:Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Odyssey Playing Cards Nova Edition
Feel the Universe is much more than a card company... tries to bring you a new cardistry and magic experience. 

In 2016, the first edition of Odyssey Cards was almost 200% funded and, last year, Boreal Edition came to the world thanks... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Plumes to Bouquet
The magician shows a flower and slides it in a tube, taking it out from the opposite end. He does this a few  times, to show that the tube is empty. Then, puts the flower back into the tube and after a magic gesture, changes it into a full bouquet... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019
Tissue Box Wallet
The performer opens a black folder and shows it empty. He closes it, makes a magic gesture and when he reopens it, a tissue box appears!
He puts it aside, shows the empty folder on both sides, closes it and when it is opened again, a second tissue... Read More
Entry date: Jun 25, 2019