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Vincenzo Di Fatta SRL is a producer and distributor of magic tricks and apparatus made of all kinds of different materials: silk, brass, sponge items, powerful magnets and plastic items. We also distribute magic books, DVD’s, Tenyo products, and many other fabulous tricks. This website is dedicated to dealers and distributors that would like to buy quality wholesale magic at very competitive prices.

Latest New Items

  • Bicycle - Metalluxe new - Red
  • Bicycle - Metalluxe new - Blue
  • Tempo Playing Cards by Gemini
  • Bicycle - Anne Stoke Unicorns Playing Cards
  • Bicycle - Emotions Playing Cards
  • Bicycle - Emoji Playing Cards
  • Bicycle - Steampunk - Gold
  • Bicycle - Fireflies Playing Cards
  • Bicycle - Vintage Classic Playing Cards
  • Bicycle - Ice Playing Cards
  • Phoenix - Academy Elite Deck