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Tora Rabbit Table
This folding table is fun, useful, practical and looks great!

It immediately transmits the feeling of fun and makes the audience understand that they are about to have fun.
Easy to transport, the table can be assembled and disassembled in a few seconds. The cute rabbit design will make it a must have for many magicians!

• Tora Magic quality.
• The assembled table is 80 cm (31,49”) high and the shelf measures 59x33 cm (23,22”x12,99”), while when it is disassembled it has a maximum size of 80x33 cm (31,49”x12,88”)  and a thickness of 6 cm (2,36”).
• Everything is made with extreme care in wood. The shelf is covered with cloth. The rabbit is a plastic silhouette, not a painted design!
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