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The Seer by Mark Calabrese
They say the only way to keep a secret between 2 people is if one of them is dead. This is Mark's.
The SEER opens the door to 10+ years experience, harboring the best-kept secret in magic. It's the one gimmick Daniel Madison NEVER leaves home without. 
A tool that helps you transcend sleight of hand and perform utterly impossible card magic.
With THE SEER, you can:
- Locate a freely chosen card from a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck...BLINDFOLDED!
- Predict what card a spectator will choose from a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck...OPENLY!
- Cause someone to stop dealing, at their card...From a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck!
But this only scratches the surface. You are limited only by your imagination!
- 7 Effects Taught.
- Multiple Unseen Variations.
- Bonus Ideas.
- Over 2 hours of detailed instruction. 
Mark takes your hand and walks you slowly through 7 of his favorite effects in stunning detail. Once learned, you will be inspired to come up with your own applications and effects too!
"The Seer is a project that I have held back putting out for my own selfish reasons. The effects on this project are my "bread and butter" effects that I use in my private work, both in casual and professional performances. These effects create the legend that I can do anything, and my audiences believe it. Enjoy." - Mark Calabrese
It's ridiculously easy to learn, regardless of skill level, and the best part... EVERY effect can be performed with a borrowed deck!
"You could use marked cards and a blindfold peek, but you're better than that, what you do is the real stuff" - Penn Jillette
"Never been fooled so bad. I haven’t gone a day without it since I learned the secret." - Daniel Madison
"Imagine watching a card trick and not having a f***ing clue how it was done. Now imagine doing it." - Chris Ramsay
"I LOVE Mark's fantastic 'SEER' concept. It's been a secret weapon in my own casual performances for a long time and the reactions it produces are always outstanding. If you are new to "THE SEER" you are in for a rare treat! With THE SEER a new world of "impossible conditions" card magic awaits." - Luke Jermay
"Mark Calabrese destroyed my face with this principle and I'm glad he did because I needed a new face anyways."- Chris Mayhew
NOTE - This project is not the same as DVS. Although Mark's known for his use of a certain principle that applies to both SEER and DVS, the material taught on this is different. The SEER is the REAL underground work, and is a collection of material that Mark's built his reputation on. 
• Ellusionist quality.
• The instructions are supplied through a practical download link. They are in English, but easily understandable by anybody thanks to the clear video.
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